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“Eileen Moore Koenigsberg founded Moore Koenigsberg Architecture in March of 1999 with the vision of serving Colorado residents to help reconnect to the warmth and beauty of nature and places of the soul; to use naturally sustainable products, energy efficient design, passive solar when possible, to uncover and harmonize with the beauty already in the built environment, and to provide creative and inspiring design solutions for residential and commercial projects. Eileen's commercial background includes extensive healthcare and schools, office buildings and retail. Jon Moore Koenigsberg joined MKA in 2002.
(303) 647-9948
Architect in Denver, Colorado
“I focus on client needs and desires. I have no particular style, rather develop design solutions using project criteria, form, space,and light. Budget is always kept in mind. I appreciate clients who have a desire for good design, and appreciate living in a well designed and utilized space!
(720) 219-2955
Architect in Littleton, Colorado
“I have worked with men and women, young and older, who were sure of their goals and some not so sure. I find that together we can find an ideal solution to the needs of the project and the budget. In that regard I am a facilitator making things happen in an exciting way.
(303) 500-3914
Architect in Denver, Colorado
“Modus Architecture provides sensible architectural solutions that celebrate place and nurtures the spirit. We strive to create architecture that transcends program to optimize and inspire the way in which people work and live. Our size allows us to provide a dedicated and personalized service, while working closely with our clients through all phases of design and construction. At Modus, each project is a unique opportunity to realize a shared vision. We understand that this requires the cooperation of the entire project team, and that through this collaboration; the thoughtful expression of program emerges into a successful project.
(303) 500-3874
Frame Architecture, Inc, Architect  in Denver
Architect serving Denver, Colorado
“At Frame Architecture it is "all about the client." What do you need from your building? How do you live in your house? How does your business operate? We take the time to get to know your needs and desires; then express them through their building. Your building is just that - YOURS! We take great pride in our work, however we are not into building architectural monuments to us. At the end of the process, it is you, our client, that will occupy and live within our creation.
(775) 623-7991 x1
Architects: 1 to 15

Who can be an architect?
Architects must be licensed by their states in order to call themselves architects and to practice architecture. Requirements vary, but generally, to become architects professionals must complete a degree from a school accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) and an intern development program supervised by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards or the American Institute of Architects. Architects licensed by their respective states have professional status as Registered Architects (RA).

A group of licensed architects working together may occasionally refer to themselves as an architectural firm (or an architect firm), or an architect company (or architect companies), or an architect business (or architect businesses).
How to find an Architect with specific Architecture skills?
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Can an Architect help?
Colorado (CO) Licensed architects design a wide variety of buildings including homes, houses and offices, and in many architectural styles. They provide design and construction plans, architectural drawings, house plans, home plans and floor plans. Contact these certified architects in Colorado (CO) if you need architect rates, architect fees, architect costs or architect quotes. Feel free to ask about the Colorado (CO) architect's qualifications or to see their portfolios.
What can a skilled Architect do?
The best architects in Colorado (CO) can provide feasibility reports, building audits, design drawings and blueprints of building structures and the design of the spaces within and around them. Throughout a building project, an architect co-ordinates a design team that may include a structural engineer, a mechanical engineer and other specialists as well as contractors and sub-contractors all of whom work to fulfill the architect's intended design.