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C+C Design Group, Inc., Architect  in Syosset
Architect in Syosset, New York
(516) 325-1277
Leonard Kurkowski Architect PC, Architect  in Syosset
Architect serving Syosset, New York
“Our award winning firm is a diversified full service architectural studio with over 25 years of experience delivering a comprehensive range of services that include architectural and interior design, site planning, lighting design, signage and graphic design. Our firm is multifaceted and specializes in all types of residential work such as custom homes, speculative builder homes, low and mid-rise multifamily apartments, senior housing, condominiums, additions and alterations. Our portfolio also includes commercial, municipal and institutional projects such as libraries, community centers, medical office buildings, retail buildings, hotels and restaurants.
(516) 234-0919 x01
Architect serving Syosset, New York
“We offer award winning, personal, client oriented architectural design services. Each client brings his or her unique personality, sense of style and preferences that greatly effect our design efforts. There is a uniqueness of style; elements of shapes, forms and spaces that follow through on all our designs, whether or not a client wants a contemporary cutting edge design, or a more traditional design favored by the client. We want clients that seek creative, out of the box thinking, even daring solutions to their projects. If you fit this profile, you need us.
(516) 704-9787
Architect serving Syosset, New York
“WTMA is a full service architectural firm whose goal is to offer the client an easy working relationship. We strive to make projects clear and easy for clients of all lifestyles or business acumen to understand and visualize their perception. This is your dream that you will allow WTMA to create for you.
(516) 570-9052
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Construction Management Architects
Do you need Syosset architectural construction management services or to find an architect who does construction managements in Syosset? Contact these Syosset construction management architects and ask about their construction management services or whether they can help with construction managements for your project.

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