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Architect in Atlanta, Georgia
“John Group International is an international management consulting firm providing services in architecture, construction, engineering and facilities management. Our expert staff has experience working with numerous industries including; Oil and Gas, Paper and Chemicals, Transportation, Academia, Medical, Marine, Aviation, and various U.S. and international government agencies. Our high-quality work and many years of experience has earned us an excellent reputation and a loyal client base. Browse this website to find out more about what we do, how we work, and what we promise.
(877) 395-1268
“Simplifying architecture by addressing the client's needs in a systematic way.
(678) 712-4830
Duett Design, LLC, Architect  in Atlanta
Architect in Atlanta, Georgia
“Architecture . Interiors . Lifestyle | We are a full service Atlanta Architecture and Interior Design firm. At Duett Design we create your dream home. Inside and Out.
(770) 626-7192
Frandsen Architects, P.C., Architect  in Lawrenceville
“Through architecture and strategic planning, our team works to incorporate clients' individual needs and generate a plan, not only to meet their goals, but to exceed them in both design and function.
(678) 929-4531
Robert S Johnson, Architect  in Savannah
Architect, AIA serving Savannah, Georgia
“The Ideal Client is one who understands I am "their" Architect and my goal is to design the house of their dreams. I study each client's program needs in a process that includes dialogue to analyze functional, aesthetic, and site requirements. This dialogue continues through the life of the project. This establishes a healthy working relationship and, ultimately, a successful project. My primary strength lies in the capability of translating our client's unique needs, desires and lifestyles into a solid attainable goal.
(843) 473-7175
Architect serving Garden City, Georgia
(843) 314-4732
Architects: 1 to 14

Who can be an architect?
Architects must be licensed by their states in order to call themselves architects and to practice architecture. Requirements vary, but generally, to become architects professionals must complete a degree from a school accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) and an intern development program supervised by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards or the American Institute of Architects. Architects licensed by their respective states have professional status as Registered Architects (RA).

A group of licensed architects working together may occasionally refer to themselves as an architectural firm (or an architect firm), or an architect company (or architect companies), or an architect business (or architect businesses).
How to find an Architect with specific Architecture skills?
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Can an Architect help?
Georgia (GA) Licensed architects design a wide variety of buildings including homes, houses and offices, and in many architectural styles. They provide design and construction plans, architectural drawings, house plans, home plans and floor plans. Contact these certified architects in Georgia (GA) if you need architect rates, architect fees, architect costs or architect quotes. Feel free to ask about the Georgia (GA) architect's qualifications or to see their portfolios.
What can a skilled Architect do?
The best architects in Georgia (GA) can provide feasibility reports, building audits, design drawings and blueprints of building structures and the design of the spaces within and around them. Throughout a building project, an architect co-ordinates a design team that may include a structural engineer, a mechanical engineer and other specialists as well as contractors and sub-contractors all of whom work to fulfill the architect's intended design.